J A M E S  P R A T T 

An Employer's Guide has been created and maintained by James Pratt.

James is the CEO at - IT for Charities

Founder and CEO of YourNetwork - a private and exclusive preferred supplier online business network

Founder of The Millionaires Network - a global online business network for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to work together to help each other become Millionaires

Through the 20 years of his experience, James has managed and run multiple Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) including Human Resources in accordance with statutory requirements and best practice.

An Employer's Guide was originally started in 2006.  James was approached by a client who was having an issue with an employee who had been stealing from the company.

The employee was charged and later convicted, and the employer thought that was the end of the matter. However, the employee brought a personal grievance against his employer for unjustified dismissal, as they weren't given an opportunity to have their say. The employer had no other option but to settle out of court for an undisclosed sum.

This shocking experience is what inspired James to create an Employer's Guide to support and assist other SME business owners. James spent 6 months researching employment law and legislation, speaking with employers and employees and studying case studies from the Employment Court and Employment Relations Authority. James created an Employer's Guide using plain English so that it was easy to read, understand and follow.  He had an Employment Lawyer and Senior Manager from the Department of Labour QA the guide and ensure that it adhered to the Employment Relations Act 2000.

You can connect with James via his LinkedIn profile.

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