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Worker accused of theft awarded $17k

A Christchurch woman fired after being accused of misusing a company credit card has been awarded $17,000.

Atarangi Glen was dismissed from her role as financial manager at Wigram Manor Function Centre last year because of "alleged theft, fraud, and general misappropriation of funds".

In her function centre role, she was paid by Wilfred Investment Limited (WIL).

Worker sacked for taking his own tools home wins $15k

A maintenance worker sacked for allegedly taking his own tools home has been awarded nearly $15,500 by the Employment Relations Authority.

Nelson Eason said he had worked worked at Fabri-Cell in Auckland for 11 years when he decided to retire shortly after a change in management at the company in the middle of last year.

Rotorua waiter wins compensation after unjustifiable dismissal

A Rotorua waiter fired after an altercation with his boss has been awarded compensation, when the Employment Relations Authority found he was unjustifiably dismissed.

However the authority cut the compensation in half, saying Avinash Jhorad's conduct - for which he had received previous verbal warnings - had contributed to his dismissal from Cafe Ephesus.

Sacked employee who injured child gets $12K payout for unjustified dismissal

A construction company in Christchurch has been ordered by the Employment Relations Authority to pay $12,256 to an employee for unjustifiable dismissal after fellow workers shunned him.

The employee, called Mr X in the ruling, was convicted in 2015 of injuring his six-month old child and was sentenced to home detention, but his name was suppressed.

Otago Regional Council pays out $236,000 in personal grievance claims since 2014

The Otago Regional Council has paid out $236,750 in personal grievance claims since 2014, amid claims of a "bullying culture" and "lack of leadership" by the executive team. 

The majority, $180,500, was paid to four staff with individual claims of $55,000, $50,000, $45,500 and $30,000 in the financial year to June 30, 2016.

Nelson College admits unjustified dismissal of long-serving teacher and coach

Nelson College has admitted unjustifiably dismissing a long-serving teacher and sports coach, ending a "nightmare" nine-month legal battle.

The college has settled an Employment Relations Authority (ERA) case with teacher Steve Fitchett, who brought a personal grievance after he was fired in April last year.

South Pacific Meats ordered to pay two meat workers $39K

Two Southland meat factory workers who claimed they were unfairly treated by their employer for distributing union material have won nearly $40,000 in compensation.

South Pacific Meats (SPM) has been ordered to pay upwards of $39,000 to Katrina Murray and Cliff Kruskopf​ by the Employment Relations Authority (ERA).

Spotless Facility Services to pay $15,500 for bullying complaint failures

Spotless Facility Services must pay a former Timaru Hospital kitchen worker $15,500 for failing to protect her from workplace bullying.

Anne MacKay resigned while on sick leave in August 2014.

The Employment Relations Authority (ERA) says she quit because Spotless failed to investigate a joint complaint other workers were preparing against her and because of her fears of workplace bullying.

Grievance claim costs firm $14,000

A cleaning company's crusade against a "roadblock" in the Employment Relations Act is becoming expensive, after it was ordered to pay more than $14,000 to an Auckland couple.

Aisea and Manu Fotu won a personal grievance suit against Crest Commercial Cleaning after being unjustifiably dismissed from their roles as cleaners at Taylors College.

Few personal grievance cases against Waikato tertiary education institutions

Claims of unjustified dismissal and a challenge to a written warning were among the drivers of personal grievances against Waikato tertiary institutions.

But the number of grievances is generally low, as are the pay-outs as a result, and most cases are being resolved in mediation.

Previous personal grievance revealed

Details emerged yesterday, during an Employment Court hearing in Timaru, of a second employee taking a personal grievance against Andar managing director Gary Cross.

Mr Cross has appealed an Employment Relations Authority (ERA) decision that he unjustifiably dismissed an employee in 2011. He was ordered last year by the ERA to pay the employee, James Irvine, $94,000 in compensation.

Workplace bullying just as prevalent as domestic violence, according to forum

A woman who won an employment case against her former employer for unjustified dismissal, said workplace bullying was just as prevalent as domestic violence.

Robyn Hutchison spoke at the CultureSafe Workplace Summit in Hamilton on Sunday, and said at least one in five people experience workplace bullying.

Builder awarded $5000 after being told to stop being a baby

A builder who was told to stop being a baby by his boss has been awarded $5000 for his unfair dismissal.

Apprentice builder Trent Williams claimed he was unjustifiably dismissed from his job at Hamilton firm Burkhart Building and that his employer breached its statutory obligations to provide a contract.

Whistleblower awarded $10,000 over dismissal

A painter has been awarded $10,000 because she was wrongly dismissed days after blowing the whistle on her employer's failure to pay tax.

The Employment Relation Authority (ERA) ordered compensation for Karla Botting, of Strowan in Christchurch, for the humiliation and loss of dignity she suffered when she was fired from her job as a paint hand before Christmas in 2013.

Hummingbird fired chef without notice

Wellington bar and restaurant Hummingbird has been ordered to pay nearly $10,000 after sacking a chef as he tried to hand over a medical certificate explaining his absence.

An Employment Relations Authority decision has said the restaurant owners dismissed chef Luke Keirsey without notice, without investigation and without raising any concerns about his performance formally.

Wrongful dismissal for suspected drug dealing

A Christchurch company has been ordered to pay $8000 for wrongful dismissal after it sacked an employee for suspected drug dealing at work.

The Lyttelton company disregarded accounts of the incident by those involved and relied on the worker's "profuse sweating" when questioned to determine his guilt, the Employment Relations Authority has found.