O U R  C O M M I T M E N T  T O  Y O U

- Save you time and money through our proven cloud based disciplinary process.

- Create a more harmonious working relationship between you and your employees.

- Achieved by being open, transparent and fair for all parties.

 1.  S M A L L   I N V E S T M E N T

It only costs $99.99 per employee for 12 months access. 

There are 22 Chapters and over 42 pages of disciplinary procedures.  For the last 9 years we have helped over 9,000 people who access our online guide and support.

2.  C H E C K   L I S T S   A N D   T E M P L A T E S

Gain exclusive access to checklists and templates for writing warnings and dismissal letters including redundancy and sickness.

3.  R E D U C E   C O S T S

For an employer, you can expect to pay anywhere from $7,000 - $10,000 just to defend yourself against a personal grievance.  The average pay out awarded by the Employment Relations Authority is $7,208.  For just $99.99 per employee you can protect yourself against unwarranted personal grievances.

4.  R E D U C E   S T R E S S

An increase in personal grievances was being caused by an inability of employer's to follow complicated procedures for dealing with workplace problems.  Our easy to follow proven online disciplinary process has been specifically designed to create a more harmonious relationship between employer's and employee's by being open, transparent and fair for all parties.  By working together, collaborating and sharing information, employers and employees can create a more harmonious workplace for the benefit of all. 

5.  R E D U C E   R I S K

A real problem that employer's are currently facing is that some lawyers are happy to act for employees on a 'no-win no-fee' basis.  However, these lawyers tend to only take on cases where they have a better than average chance of winning as they only get paid if they win. By following a clear, open and transparent disciplinary process, you will greatly reduce the risk of these lawyers taking on such cases.

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